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Where does Rotorua get its name?

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Place names are signposts to the past. As you travel around New Zealand, you may wonder about the names of some of our towns and cities and what they mean. Many of them reveal intriguing stories and a whole new view!

The name "Rotorua" reflects the region's Maori history. In Te Arawa tradition, Rotorua’s human history began when Te Arawa ancestor Tamatekapua and his relatives arrived in New Zealand from Hawaiki by waka, or canoe. They settled in the western Bay of Plenty but some of the group, including Kahumatamomoe and his nephew Ihenga, went on to explore further inland.

It is Ihenga who is said to have discovered Lake Rotoiti and later, Lake Rotorua, naming it Te Rotorua-nui-a-Kahumatamomoe (the second great lake belonging to Kahumatamomoe). Over time, many Te Arawa descendants chose to settle around the Rotorua lakes where they could make the most of all the hot geothermal water and steam.

Te Puia, Rotorua

By the 19th Century, the area’s spectacular geothermal attractions and healing mineral waters were drawing many European visitors as well. Te Arawa people often acted as guides, and Ngāti Whakaue leased land to the government to build the spa town of Rotorua. The town boomed.

Local Maori have been welcoming visitors to Rotorua for all these years, sharing their culture, history, music, art, and language. Whether it's an encounter with a Maori guide, a chance to chat to a carver or weaver, eat indigenous food, or hear some traditional stories, our guests always find their stay in Rotorua enriched by their cultural experiences.

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Free Geothermal Hotspots in Rotorua

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Rotorua is truly a geothermal wonderland. As well as the commercial attractions, there are a number of free places to experience the area's phenomenal landscape, from seductive hot springs to steaming cracks in the ground. Make the most of your Rotorua stay and explore these unique sites easily accessible from Geneva Motor Lodge.

Kerosene Creek, Rotorua

Kerosene Creek

Bathe in the glorious warmth of this thermal pool just 25 minutes drive from Geneva Motor Lodge on Old Waiotapu Road. A short walk will take you to a small stream and waterfall that flow down through a natural bush setting.

The Bridge/Wai-O-Tapu Stream

Wai-O-Tapu is an area of extreme geothermal activity. To get there take the second turn-off for Waiotapu Loop Road on your left and follow it until you reach a small bridge. Also known as 'Hot and Cold', the hot mineral water upstream mixes perfectly with the cold water from the river downstream. Just move around to find your perfect temperature.

Waterfall Spout Bath Wai-O-Tapu

Follow SH 5 out of Rotorua then turn left onto Waiotapu Loop Road. When you reach The Avenue, turn off and park. After a short walk down the road you'll see the path to your right that leads to this beautiful natural hot spring.

Kuirau Park

Kuirau Park Geothermal Reserve is easy to find, just a half-hour walk across Rotorua. Wander through the numerous walkways that wind between steaming ground and mud pools then enjoy a luxurious foot soak in one of the shallow hot pools.

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